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KU offers Kingdom education through in-person and online campuses nationally and internationally, degree and non-degree certificate programs that integrate learning and leadership training in a Kingdom context.  We accomplish this by using intensive courses in a Friday-Saturday weekend experience format, which includes 10 hours of instruction in a cohort style environment.  Periodically, KU allows the public to “audit” or sample specially selected courses during the school year, to help potential students with a decision to enroll, and many do!

Degrees are offered based on the current degree that you hold.  If you do not have a degree, you may obtain a degree in accordance with our academic requirements for Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral level degree programs.  If you have an earned degree, KU will evaluate your transcripts toward your next higher degree.  KU can help you maximize your transfer credits and enjoy the benefits of a Kingdom Worldview.  
Non-Degree Programs offer the opportunity to receive the same education provided in the Degree Programs. The student is required to attend in-person or online courses. No homework is required for Non-Degree Programs. Certificates will be awarded at the end of each year.

Whether you pursue an associate, bachelor, master, or doctoral degree, in the areas of Kingdom Studies, Five-Fold Ministry, Counseling, Business and Government, you’ll be supported by faculty and administrators who are committed to your success.  We have affordable tuition rates and we’re military friendly!  Eligibility requirements apply in each college. 
While at Kingdom University you can receive 4 or more years of Kingdom-minded teaching to prepare for reaching your city, your region, and the nations:

  • The academic calendar year begins in January and ends in November.

  • In Year 1 all students will be automatically enrolled in Kingdom Studies and receive Kingdom Studies Foundational Courses.

  • In Year 2 the student will choose a discipline from the seven mountains of society to include Ministry, Family, Business, Government, Media, Education, Arts and Entertainment, to begin learning what’s needed for marketplace ministry.  Year 2 students will also continue to receive courses on Kingdom Studies combined with their specific college major courses.

  • In Year 3 and 4 the student will continue in their chosen discipline and complete the core courses required for Kingdom Studies, while earning a Bachelors level degree in their specific college major.

  • Masters and Doctoral level degrees will also be offered in select colleges.

  • During each school year the student will participate in 2 conferences (June and November) which count as courses with extended hours of teaching totaling 16 classroom hours at each conference

  • The student receives at least 112 academic hours of instruction annually as part of  34 semester hours annually.

  • We recommend that all students attend courses in-person, but each student will have the option of attending virtually when needed. 

  • For Degreed Programs, students will be required to complete the requirements for their colleges each year by paying tuition and the tech fee on time, purchasing required books and student materials for each course, reading required books and articles, submitting homework and all other assignments as necessary, participating in live course sessions and conferences or attend online, participate in the graduation ceremony in person or online, and communicate frequently with their Campus Coordinator.

  • For Non-Degreed Programs, students are required to complete everything in the Degreed Program, except for homework assignments. 

Degrees Offered:

  • College of Kingdom Studies

    • Associates of Kingdom Studies (AS)

    • Bachelor of Science (BS)

    • Master of Science (MS)

    • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

  • College of Five-Fold Ministry

    • Bachelor of Science (Theology) (BS)

    • Master of Theology (ThM)

    • Doctor of Theology (ThD)

  • College of Counseling 

    • Master of Science (Christian Counseling) (MS)

    • Doctorate (PhD)

  • College of Business 

    • Bachelor of Science (Business and Entrepreneurship) (BA)

    • Master of Arts (MA)

    • Doctorate (PhD)

  • College of Government 

    • Bachelor of Science (Government Studies) (BA)

    • Master of Arts (MA)

    • Doctorate (PhD)

  • College of Naturopathic Health

    • ​Certificate of Health Coaching

​​Tuition, Fees, and Books

  • Tuition rates are different for every KU college.  Upon admission, the student is responsible for the entire tuition for the year.  The only way Kingdom University can support providing top-level instructors, is by collecting tuition based on the number of enrolled students.  Currently KU provides the option to pay tuition in full, or on a quarterly or monthly basis.  It is very important for the student to understand the fullness of this commitment.  Tuition rates are located on every KU college landing page.

  • An Application Fee is due when you submit an application.  The fee pricing differs depending on the college.  The application is incomplete without the accompanying fee.  This fee is applicable to every individual.  For example, for couples two fees are applicable.  Please see your campus landing page to view the schedule of application fees for payment. 

  • The tech fee is included in your tuition.  The tech fee allows student access to the learning management system (LMS) called Blackboard.  KU invested in this education technology to assist in the management of student affairs as KU grows.  Currently KU also provides the option to pay the tech fee in full, or on a quarterly or monthly basis.  It is very important for the student to understand the fullness of this commitment.  This tool allows:

  • Optimize outcomes using on-campus and virtual learning

  • Real-time tracking of homework and grades

  • Enhances communication between student, instructor and administrators 

  • Allows immediate replay of classroom teaching using a super-zoom platform

  • Provides immediate access to course information and materials

  • Integrates the classroom’s live and virtual experiences

  •  ​​Books are required for each course.  Book fees are not covered by tuition and must be purchased separately.  Your book needs will be found in your course information after enrollment.  It is the responsibility of the student to order and pay for books, personally.  Books will be mailed to the student's address.  Pricing is usually between $12 and $30 per course, except for the College of Counseling.  College of Counseling books and materials may cost more, depending on the nature of the course in accordance with the National Christian Counseling Association (NCCA) education requirements.   

​​Kingdom University does not accept government assistance, but never let lack of finances prevent you from applying.  Pray about God’s timing and then take the step of faith.  God will meet you and you will be in awe of all that He will do! 

Kingdom University accepts donations towards student tuition.  Subsequently, scholarship opportunities may be available in the future as funding is available.

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